R in Space - A Series

April 14, 2018

  R in Space R Spatial

David Beauchesne   Marie-Hélène Brice   Nicolas Casajus   Kevin Cazelles   Elliot Dreujou   Steve Vissault  

So it begins

A fair proportion of people involved in inSileco have one particular expertise in common: we work extensively with spatial data. This expertise has been developed through extensive time importing, creating and formatting spatial data, performing spatial analyses and building static and dynamic spatial visualizations.

In this blog post series, we propose an educational tour of spatial possibilities offered by tools developed in the R environment. This series could thus be used in an educational setting to learn how to use R in Space!

As is our usual habit, rather than creating a series of posts presenting specific tools, we will first ask a series of explicitly spatial and ecological questions and go through the possibilities offered by R to play around with spatial tools.


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Beginner course

1- Useful resources: curated list of valuable resources

2- About spatial objects:

3- Importing spatial objects:

4- Basic mapping:

Advanced course

1- Attribute manipulation:

2- Geometry manipulation:

3- R spatial data resources:

4- Custom maps: