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April 7, 2018

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David Beauchesne   Marie-Hélène Brice   Nicolas Casajus   Kevin Cazelles   Elliot Dreujou   Steve Vissault  

R data resources

With the R community as vibrant and dynamic as it is, there are an increasingly high number of online data resources readily available to users through simple lines of command. The best hub of R packages making online data available to R users is actively developed by the rOpenSci group. This non-profit organization aims at foster[ing] a culture that values open and reproducible research using shared data and reusable software. Data access tools is however not limited to this group and a quick search reveals the wealth of data not available to R users.

In this post, we will explore some valuable geospatial resources that are accessible using R. We do not mean to provide a thorough review of each resource, but rather provide a list of valuable resources for geospatial data in R and invite readers to consult specific package material for further detail.

Environmental data

Biotic data