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Trick or Tips 002 {R}

12 Nov, 2017

Code tips you said? The drop argument of the [] operator Get the citation of a package Using namespace How to use non-exported functions? The las argument of par() Code tips you said? Ever tumbled ... Read More

Gantt charts in R

20 Sep, 2017

Gantt charts Initiate R The code! Data The chart Multiple milestones ganttR() Gantt charts Gantt charts are a very useful way to organize projects into milestones and tasks visually. They are als... Read More

Efficiency of spatial intersects in R

12 Sep, 2017

Intersects & R We are increasingly performing spatial analyses in R. The replicability and the efficiency of programming languages is much more appealing than using user friendly softwares like Ar... Read More

Useful web links

11 Sep, 2017

The Internet… what an amazing network! So many websites, so many resources, how easy it is to get lost when navigating the vast digital ocean! Teaching how to identify credible online material is doub... Read More

Animations in R: Time series of erythemal irradiance in the St. Lawrence

05 Jul, 2017

The “need” for animations As part of my PhD thesis, I am currently characterizing the intensity of multiple stressors in the estuary and gulf of St. Lawrence (see ResearchGate project for more detail... Read More


The overarching goal of this blog is quite straightforward: tackle challenges and opportunities provided by this new era of open-access and computationally intensive research in the field of ecology. You will therefore find a collection of blog posts that reflect this: code snippets, ecological insights, new and exciting computational tools, opinions on various field of ecology and programming, etc.

In the interest of full disclosure, we also have a hidden agenda for this blog. As a group revolving almost exclusively around academia (for more about us) - and as such, some might say out of touch with reality - we have to write a lot, which can be quite hard (cough read procrastination cough). This blog is therefore also our attempt at significantly stepping-up our writing game!

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